fabric sourcing.

a.skew will transform the fashion supply chain by offering a transparent digital platform

of truly sustainable fabrics.




order your fabrics online by seeing even more than you could ever feel.




simplify and digitalize your fabric library in only 1 go-to-function.


become more transparent and significantly more sustainable by valid ratings.



as creative technologists, we envision a future where fashion fabrics transcends from physical-only to digital-always! a.skew will be a leader of such movement of on-demand digital garment production. We are building a business supply chain that prepares for that future.

thanks to 3D-Design, only the fabric material is the last part of our garment industry which is not fully digitalized yet. On the long analog way from fiber to garment, those base materials are running through so many processes, hands and judgements, so that it becomes extremely difficult to source fast and still declare a transparent and sustainable supply chain to the end consumer.

we are your digital fabric library, leading the industry towards a new era of digital-only and sustainable-only sourcing


we offer sustainable rated fabrics in one online library so that brands, designers and buyers get immediate access to trustworthy, newest fabric developments, achieving only highest standards of responsibility to the planet and the people.

by pre-selecting, rating and validating our sustainable mill partners carefully, we are sure to close even the last gaps of transparency.

by 3D-rendering and digitalizing the base materials of clothing smartly, we offer better fabrics available for on-demand 3D-design.

by combining sort and search functions, you integrate your personal fabric library with the opportunity to order immediate and simple.

newest sustainable fabrics


“Now we can implement newest sustainable fabric trends with 100% guarantee. The trust within the members of this collaboration is immense thanks to A.SKEW's high rating standards."

Francois Uyen Ly, GUESS Europe, Head of Design


“It is transparently woven network of sustainable, reliable and responsible fabric mills which are setting the new standards. A.SKEW dares to shake the fabric industry by cutting a lot of unnecessary sourcing steps of prototypes and sampling. Better don't miss it!”

Jesper Fejsø, ACNE, Sourcing Director

"A.SKEW speeds up our 3D-product development process and reduces our costs incredibly simple and playful. How did we ever source before A.SKEW?”

Julia Margott, PVH - Calvin Klein, Head of PD

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